David Turner has a 7/8th Dennis body on a roundhouse chassis.He posted this video and comments on the 7/8th lounge.

I just love my slomo. In fact, I’ll go further. I had developed a bit of a phobia about steaming because it was always fraught with problems.

My line, you see, is far too big and has some issues of gradients and bends and many sets of points. Even R/C locos could derail, stall, run off,

shed rolling stock and the air would generally be blue. I’m a lousy driver too!

Now, I can hardly wait to get back out there. All I need to do is clear a short section of track and I can enjoy the full 20 minutes of steam, shunting about.

I like the realistic speeds, the way you need to manage the regulator as if you have a few tonnes of loco before you. No jerks, no sudden stops and starts.

I come to a hill and when I gun it up, the response is proportionate, not, as before, too much or too little. I just love to hear the chuff so gradually pick up

speed from a standing start and see the timed steam pulses thanks to that FX added to the chuffer.


Chris  Bird in dorset test runs a 7/8th Dennis


This Beautiful little Hunslet built by Brian in Toowoomba Australia shows off

it`s slow (slomo) running abilities,love that whistle.

Brian in Melbourne shares his boxing day steamup, with Slomos` of course.