Roundhouse locomotives with “un”insulated wheels can be gauged to operate on 32mm or 45mm track with a Slo-mo installed.

Locomotives with insulated wheels cannot be gauged to 32mm with a Slomo installed.The larger hubs on insulated wheels contact with the Slo-mo when attempting to gauge the loco to 32mm.

Locos with insulated wheels can be operated with a Slo-mo installed when gauged to 45mm.

Uninsulated wheels for roundhouse locos` can be purchased from part number “WD”

Slo-mos are available to suit :

Roundhouse Lady Anne

Roundhouse Billy

Roundhouse Katie

Roundhouse Jack

Roundhouse George / Mildred

Roundhouse Stanley

Roundhouse Darjeeling

Accucraft Countess

We are currently developing Slo-mos for:

Accucraft Decauville


Slo-mo kits for  roundhouse locos are supplied with  all hardware necessary to complete the installation.

Slo-mo kits for Accucraft Countess include one sprocket having a 6mm bore to fit the centre axle of the loco and all hardware necessary to complete the installation.

For those wishing to fit a slo-mo into a tender please see the “Kits for tenders and wagons” page.

To order: email Terry via