Prices are valid until 31st December 2021 All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Add 10% G.S.T. for products with delivery address in Australia

Products sent to purchasers outside of Australia are exempt of GST

Import duty and taxes maybe charged by other countries

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars

SLomo to suit Roundhouse Lady Anne               $390Aus+pack and post

Slo-mo to suit Roundhouse Katie/Jack                $390Aus + pack and post

Slomo to suit Roundhouse Stanley                     $390Aus + pack and post

Slomo to suit Roundhouse George / Mildred      $390Aus + pack and post

Slo-mo to suit Roundhouse Darjeeling                $405Aus +pack and post

Slo-mo to suitRoundhouse Billy                          $390Aus  + pack and post

Slomo for Accucraft Countess                            $405Aus + pack and post

Slomo for tender/wagon                                   $405Aus  +pack and post

Axle boxes for wagon                                       $20 each      ( Includes ball bearings)

Axles for tender/wagon kit                                $11 each      (1/4″ diameter)

Pack and post within Australia                           $12Aus

Pack and post to New Zealand.                         $25 Aus

Pack and post to UK                                          $38Aus

Pack and post to Germany                                $38Aus

Pack and post to Switzerland                            $38Aus

Pack and post to Norway                                   $ 38Aus

Pack and Post to Japan                                     $38Aus

Pack and Post to Most US states                      $30Aus

Pack and Post to other countries, please enquire via

Fitting service is available in Sydney Australia $50 plus return pack+post to customer. Please enquire via Customer to arrange delivery to Sydney Australia.

Small steam performance accepts payment by Bank transfer or Paypal