Here is a Link to the install video for Lady Anne Slomo



This video shows a Lady Anne running with the final production version ( after yet another improvement) of the Lady Anne Slomo.

Developing a Slomo that will fit into the Roundhouse Lady Anne has been quite a challenge.

The Lady Anne uses a three axle chassis, meaning there is less than half of the space available for the Slomo

compared to  0-4-0  Locos, such as Roundhouse Billy and Katie.


img_4407 img_4408

(left) is version 2 with 5 major modifications, These modifications were made to address issues such as clearance above the track, noise minimisation, ease of installation and cost.

The prototype shown was installed in a Lady Anne for final testing (before November 10th 2016)



After final testing the jigs, machining programs, tooling etc to produce the 43 components will be setup.

The first Lady Anne Slomos should be available approximately the end of January 2016.

Hopefully the Slomo developed for the Lady Anne will also fit other 0-6-0 locos such as the Roundhouse Fowler, and Argyle .

The slomo for Lady Anne will use mounting points already in the Lady Anne chassis, so that no drilling or cutting is necessary to install the Slomo.











After some testing it has become evident that accessing the grub screws in the roundhouse wheels to set the gauge 32mm/45mm is quite difficult. I will need to revert back to an earlier version of the Lady Anne Slomo.

I have made a few necessary changes to this earlier version and will be continuing setup and tooling. This will set back the release date for the Lady Anne Slomo by about six weeks, Now to be some time in March 2017.