Some locomotives have insufficient space between the frames to fit a Slo-mo device. As an alternative it is possible to fit a slo-mo into a wagon or a tender.



Basic Slomo Kit for a wagon or tender : $395 Australian

Kit contains:

1x  WT Slomo

1x  sprocket for axle

1x chain

2x chain joiners (1 is spare)


During normal operation, energy is transferred between the wagon axle and the Slomo. When this happens the drive chain puts load on the axle bearings. These bearing must have low friction when under load, or the wheels on the wagon/ tender and the wheels on the loco  will be likely to slip on the track.  S.S.P. Recommends using ball bearings on the axles of Wagons or tenders fitted with a Slomo.


Axle box kit: $80 Australian

Kit contains:

4x axle box/brackets

4x ball bearings

8x M2 socket head  bolts





Axle kit: $22 Australian


2x  stainless steel axles 1/4″ diameter machined

to fit bearings as supplied in the axle box kit






There are a number of things to consider when building a Slomo wagon or tender


1.The tender/wagon needs to be heavy enough to create sufficient traction between wheels and rails to eliminate wheel slip by the wagon.

2.If the wagon/ tender is too heavy the load will be too great  and will cause wheel slip of the loco.


3.To produce smooth operation the tender/wagon needs to be coupled to the loco with minimal movement between them.

3.Although minimal, some vibration/gear noise from the slo-mo assembly can be transmitted to the body of the tender/wagon. Wagons  and Tenders ,tend to have more flat body panels and be of lighter construction than locomotives, and  this vibration/noise can  be amplified by the body,  so the method of mounting the device in rolling stock must be considered.


Slo-mo loco kits are supplied to suit the parameters of each loco type, after extensive development and testing,. The installation of wagon/tender kits may require extensive testing and modification of the wagon/tender by the home builder to achieve best results.

Chris in the UK has acheived exceptional results with his home built coal wagon with Slomo installed

The Slomo is in the coal wagon directly coupled to the locomotive

John from Victoria Built this one